The Human Library movement needs you to get involved and there are a few ways you can do it.

Organise a Human Library

Librarians, Community Workers, Teachers, Managers, Support Workers, Bankers.. Whether you are a volunteer acting on your own behalf, or working for an organisation or company you can Organise an Human Library.


Every Human Library Organiser and event must be registered with Human Library UK. By becoming an Organiser you automatically become a member and join our mailing list where you will receive Human Library news and notification of events and opportunities. 


The Human Library is changing its procedures and this will affect the way that people get involved in the future.


If you need to contact Human Library UK for any reason please email


Every Human Library nneds volunteer Books and Staff. Become a member of Human Library UK and we will put you in touch with an Organiser near you. We will also add you to our mailing list and keep you up to date with opportunities that arise.


The Human Library is changing and this will affect the way that people get involved in the future.


If you need to contact Human LIbrary UK for any reason please email

Human Library UK are currently seeking partners who wish to support the movement at local, regional and national levels.


We recently worked with Glasgow Life and the CurioUS project to train over 60 Organisers, Books, Staff and supporters in Glasgow and helped at the first event at the Mitchell Library in June.


We are currently working with Time to Change to pilot the Human Library as a demonstration of equalities as part of wider events to the promote the Time to Change campaign. Forming part of the Time to Change Village, we have organised Human Libraries in London and Leicester and visit Birmingham and Liverpool in 2012.


We have also piloted the Human Library as a social contact activity at Freebridge Community Housing Conference, and are working on a community outreach project with Flagship Housing in the East of England.


We would welcome the opportunity to work with organisations working in areas such as Hate Crime, BME, Mental Health, Older People, Disability, LGBT, Bullying, Housing, Immigration, Homelessness, Young People, Offenders, Faiths, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller, Health and Wellbeing, Refugees, Unemployment.


We would also like to work with businesses and organisations who wish to support and fund community projects.