Being a Reader at the Human Library is an unrivalled privilege.


Can you think of another situation where you would feel comfortable asking a stranger direct questions about their life and background? At the Human Library, conversation like this is not only allowed, it is encouraged.


What is a Human Library Reader?

A Human Library Reader is anyone who engages in conversation with a Book at the Human Library. Readers choose the Human Book that they wish to read, and then sit down with their Book to talk.


Who could be a Reader?

Human Library Readers are determined to a large extent by the choice of venue, and the list of venues is almost endless!


The majority of events to date have taken place in public libraries, so therefore potential Readers come from the general public. They may have been attracted to the library on that day for the Human Library, or it may be that they are just visiting the library on the day your Human Library takes place.


The situation would be the same if your event was taking place at a Gallery, Village Hall, Shopping Centre, Supermarket or anywhere else that is open to the general public.


If your Human Library is taking place as part of a wider event such as a festival or fair your audience and potential Readers might be determined by the regulations in place.


If your Human Library is taking place in a school, college or university Readers will be the students, teachers and staff. And if your event is taking place in workplace, or at a conference or workshop, your audience might be restricted only to employees, delegates and attendees.

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