Without the dedication of committed volunteer and supporting Staff the Human Library could not happen.

There are three principal Human Library Staff roles

Librarians administer the event and ensure the mechanism of ssuing Human Books runs smoothly. Librarians manage the Desk by recording the number of Readers and number of conversations, and updating information about Book availability.

Matchmakers work as a team, with each member assigned to a small number of Books. They are responsible for introducing Books to Readers, reading the 'Rights', and bringing the conversation to a close.


Matchmakers play a crucial role keeping Books safe and ensuring conversations are conducted respectfully.

Promoters/floorwalkers sometimes have the most difficult job. Promoters engage with potential Readers and ebcourage them to participate in the Human Library. Promoters are able to spend time talking to interested parties explaining how the Human Library works and can help Readers to make their choice. 


Teamwork between Staff and Books is paramount, and when this is done effectively a dynamic group of people emerge with the potential to change all of our lives for the better.

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